Where do you give checkrides?

I schedule checkrides as the following airports in middle Tennessee: Murfreesboro (MBT), Lewisburg (LUG), Smyrna (MQY), and John Tune (JWN). If you have a specific need for an airport other than this, please email me about it.

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, Venmo, and credit card (with 3% processing fee).

What do you charge?

For full private, commercial, instrument checkrides the fee is $800 with a $200 retest fee.
For limitation removal checkrides the fee is $300.

What does initial or add-on mean?

If you are testing for a new class of certificate (Private, Commercial, or ATP), please select "Initial certificate". If you already have the pilot certificate but you are adding a new class of aircraft to it, please select "Add-on rating".

For example, if you have a Private Pilot certificate with airplane single-engine land and you want to add a multi-engine rating, that would be an "Add-on" rating. If you have a Private Pilot certificate with airplane-single engine land and you want to test for a Commercial Multi-Engine land, then you would select "Initial certficate" since you do not already have a Commercial Pilot certificate.

In which multi-engine aircraft are you authorized for checkrides?

I am currently authorized in the following make and models: BE55, BE58, BE95, KA C90, KA 200, KA350, PA44.

If you have a twin not on this list, feel free to contact me and we will see what we can work out.

What is a FTN?

A FTN is your FAA Tracking Number. It must be used for all electronic practical test applications. If you do not have one, please register at the FAA's IACRA website. Once you are registered and login, you will see your FTN at the top left of your screen.

If you are training at a 141 school that does not use IACRA, please enter "NONE".

Why must all requirements and IACRA application be done before I can register for a checkride?

The reason for this change is that, prior to this requirement, CFIs and applicants were forced to register for a checkride that was months away, often before even starting the training. With local examiners being so busy, if the applicant registered for a checkride in advance, they could hopefully finish the training and do the checkride at roughly the same time, while everything was still "fresh" in their heads.

Where this breaks down is that when people have to guess months before when they'll finish training, you can imagine the number of wrong guesses! This led to having to reschedule or cancel around 50-60% of the checkrides on my schedule. Hardly optimal.

The idea now is that once an applicant is COMPLETELY done with their training, completed the knowledge exam (if required), completed the aeronautical experience requirements, received the required endorsements, and have a completed and signed IACRA application, then they may register for a checkride on this website. This should lead to substantially less wait time for applicants, and less guessing and rescheduling for us all.

Please note that when I see a registration come in, I will look for a completed IACRA application. If I do not see it, I will cancel that reservation and email the applicant and CFI to that effect.

Why does the schedule page say there are no dates available?

Currently, I am waiting to get my flying schedule from my job. I expect to have that in late March, at which point I will be posting checkride slots regularly again for scheduling. Thanks for your patience!

What is the supervisor email field?

Some large flight schools have a supervisor or chief flight instructor who wants to be copied in on the scheduling emails. If this is the case for your school, you can add their email to this field and they will receive a copy of the scheduling email with all the details for your checkride.

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